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  Trip - 2021-03-06- Rock Creek's North Branch Stream Valley - Discover upper Rock Creeks watershed with a variety of habitats. We will start along open fields and marshy areas next to Bowie Mill Park with the opportunity to see sparrows, hawks and early migrants. Turkeys and a woodcock have been spotted in this area. For those wanting a longer foray, a 4 mile loop which includes the stream valley will be possible and likely we will see woodpeckers and other resident woodland species. The path at this point along Rock Creek is meandering and narrow with some steep sections. Start at 7.30 a.m. at Bowie Mill Park next to Sequoyah Elementary School with the option to do the shorter paved walk or the longer loop. Limit of 12 in two groups of six each. Reservations required. For reservations and more information Contact the CO-LEADERS Josephine Cox 240 506 1723 or Anne Mytych 240-506-0236

Trip - 2021-03-07- Lois Y. Green Conservation Park - THIS TRIP IS FULL. THIS TRIP IS RESCHEDULED FROM FEBRUARY 20TH. Morning walk through the varied habitats of this excellent 250-acre park, including two ponds, fields, deciduous and coniferous woods. We'll be looking for overwintering songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors. Meet at 8 am. in the parking lot at 8711 Snouffer School Road, Gaithersburg, Md. Limit 6. Reservations required. Contact the LEADER: Mark England at or 240-308-4114.

Trip - 2021-03-10- Gunners Lake, Germantown - THIS TRIP WAS POSTPONED FROM FEBRUARY 10th. Gunners Lake has established a deserved reputation over the years for a nice variety of wintering waterfowl and rather close views of the birds, but is shallow enough to freeze solid during cold winter weather. Participants are invited to bring telescopes, since the leader will probably not be at liberty to share his because of pandemic restrictions. Walking will be along a level, paved path. Meet at 8 a.m. along the north side of Wisteria Drive, where there is ample parking. Specific maps giving directions will be sent to participants. Limit: 6, with those confirmed for the postponed 2/10 trip having priority. For reservations (required), more information, and directions, contact the LEADER: Mike Bowen at 202-236-0510 or

Trip - 2021-03-12- Wheaton Regional Park for Beginners - Mid-March is still early for spring migration but who knows? Wheaton RP always surprises us. Ducks, woodpeckers, flycatchers, raptors (sometimes a Merlin!), bluebirds, towhees are all possible and if you don’t know WRP you will enjoy the variety of terrain and landscape. Reservations required. Limit 12 in two groups of six each. For signup and where to meet, please contact the CO-LEADERS: Evelyn Ralston (, 240-505-0699) or Susan Hunt (; 240-426-4407).

Meeting - 2021-03-17- Discovering Australia: where bird song evolved - For a long time, Australian mammals and birds were considered "inferior". Over the past 50 years however, it has been established that songbirds and several other bird families in fact originated and evolved in Australia, explaining their diversity and specificity and the importance of the austral continent for birds. Evelyn wasn't aware of this when she landed in Sidney in 2012, joining a long-time friend for a 16-day trip. From the first day she was smitten with the abundance and exuberance of the Australian avifauna and the beauty of the land. She birded with volunteer guides and on her own around Sidney, Melbourne, Ayer's Rock (Uluru) and Darwin and ended up viewing and photographing a little under 200 bird species. From the huge Emu to the small Weebill, she will share with you a selection of her favorite encounters including the iconic Kukaburra(s) and other kingfishers, parrots, pigeons, honey-eaters, finches and the small songbirds referred to as Australian warblers. And a few kangaroos, of course.

Trip - 2021-03-27- Cabin John Regional Park - Explore the scrub habitat below the power lines cutting through Cabin John Regional Park. Spend the morning studying multiple sparrow species with the potential for an American Kestrel that overwintered in 2019. We will be walking the dirt road with a few moderate inclines. Email leader for reservation (required) and more info. Limit: 6. LEADER: Max Wilson

Trip - 2021-03-31- Pennyfield Lock - We’ll be looking for early warblers and lingering waterfowl as we head upstream for a several hour walk. Easy level walking. Start at the Pennyfield parking lot at 7 am. Reservations required with a limit of 6. Email the leader for reservation and more info LEADER: Dave Powell

Trip - 2021-04-11- Hughes Hollow - Half day. We will start at Hughes Hollow parking lot in the McKee-Beshers WMA at 7 a.m. We will explore the wetlands and fields of Hughes Hollow. Species to be expected include Red-headed Woodpeckers, Wood Ducks, Blue-winged Teal, and many other marsh dwellers. A chance for several warblers including Prothonotary. Limit: 6. Reservations required. To sign up and receive additional information, contact the LEADER Jim Nelson or call 240-515-4517 (cell).

Meeting - 2021-04-21- Songs of Female Birds (Speaker: Karan Odom) - Dr. Odom is interested in how animals evolved the diversity of elaborate traits that we see in the natural world. Karan is especially interested in complex bird song and the selection pressures responsible for elaborate song in female and male songbirds. To study this, she uses phylogenetic comparative methods and recordings available in biological collections to investigate how complex bird song has changed in females and males over evolutionary time. She has also developed a citizen science project—the Female Bird Song Project—to increase awareness and documentation of female bird songs for sound archives. Visit to learn more.

Trip - 2021-04-24- Croydon Creek Nature Center - Come discover this lovely park during spring migration. Lots of migrants pass through, including many warblers. Start in the parking lot at 7:30am. Limit: 6. For reservations (required) and more information, contact the Co-Leaders: Anne Mytych at or 240 506-0236 or Emily Huang at

Trip - 2021-04-25- Occoquan Bay NWR - Half day. Explore the diverse habitats in this one-square mile refuge at the confluence of the Potomac and Occoquan Rivers in Woodbridge, Virginia. A variety of raptors and migratory warblers, vireos, thrushes and flycatchers should be present, and rails and bitterns are possibilities. Start at the parking lot in the center of the refuge at 7:30 a.m. Reservations required. Limit:12. LEADERS: Mike Bowen, 202-236-0510 or, and Gerry Hawkins, 571-277-8406 or Directions: From Maryland, take Rt. 495 south to I-95 south LEFT Exit 161 (Woodbridge), follow Rt. 1 south, cross the Occoquan River, turn left at the light onto Dawson Beach Rd. and follow this road to the end.

Trip - 2021-05-02- Izaak Walton League, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chapter, Conservation Farm - Half day. Once again, the B-CC Chapter is generously providing us access to this large private property south of Poolesville. Woods, hedgerows, streams, fields, and ponds provide a wide range of bird habitats, and migration should be well underway. Trip will start at 7 a.m. at the League’s Chapterhouse. Limit: 6. For reservations(required) and driving directions, contact the LEADER: Jim Nelson at or 240-515-4517.

Trip - 2021-05-07- Birding by Ear at Hughes Hollow - Tune up your ears as we listen for and learn to identify the songs and calls of migrant and local breeding birds. The trip will be geared to new birders but all are welcome. Start at 7 am at the parking lot at Hughes Hollow. Limit 6 For more information and reservations (required) email the leader Paul Woodward at grackling@ATT.NET

Trip - 2021-05-08- Little Bennett RP - THIS TRIP IS FULL. Half Day. We will be looking for warblers and other migrants on the Wilson Mill and Kingsley Trails. Possible Kentucky Warbler. Limit 6. For reservations (required) and more information contact the Leaders: Woody and Rae Dubois

Trip - 2021-05-09- Rock Creek Park, DC - Near peak time for migrant warblers, vireos, etc. Start at 7 a.m. at the Nature Center parking lot. Limit:6. Contact the leader for more information or specific directions and reservations(required). LEADER: Gerry Hawkins or 571 277-8406 (cell).

Meeting - 2021-05-19- South African Birds (Speaker: Josh Engel) - Josh is the founder and chief guide for Red Hill Birding. He grew up birding in the suburbs of Chicago and knew from a young age that birding and travel would factor heavily in his future. After spending a semester studying abroad in Ecuador as an undergrad, he knew he needed to get back there after graduation. He soon found a job guiding in Ecuador for a large international birding tour company; he then moved to South Africa where he spent nearly four years as a full-time guide, leading trips throughout southern Africa, Madagascar, Asia, and beyond. He has guided trips on four continents and conducted bird research around the world. Prior to starting Red Hill Birding, Josh was an ornithologist at The Field Museum in Chicago. Based in Chicago, he appears regularly in the local media, served on the board of the Illinois Ornithological Society, and helped run the Illinois Young Birders group.


This is a list of upcoming birding field trips and Club meetings. New Club members, new birders, and guests are cordially welcome on every field trip. If you have any questions about a specific field trip, please contact the trip leader or contact MBC Trip Coordinator Linda Friedland at 301.983.2136 (before 9 pm). For directions to the Potomac Presbyterian Church for Club meetings, click here.

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